Always personal, private and safe. 
Keep your data with Onexus Cloud.

Now you can keep all your valued information private, close and secure with a Onexus Personal Cloud.

Be one of the founding participants in the Respect Network – the world's first global private network of personal and business clouds.

Claim your unique Personal Cloud name for life – now!


How do I claim my Personal Cloud?

It starts with defining your digital identity – your Personal Cloud name. This is yours forever. It is as simple as one click to begin the process. Once registered, your Personal Cloud unlocks a range of exciting apps and new services across the Respect Network community.

Claim your Personal Cloud

Congratulations! This is the start of your new sovereign digital future.


What is a Personal Cloud?

A Personal Cloud is your sovereign space – your life-long identity. Unlike Private hosting services such as Dropbox or Google Drive where your data is stored amongst everyone elses, in your Personal Cloud you control your space and the way it relates to other sovereign Personal Cloud identities.

What does a Personal Cloud do?

Personal Clouds makes life easy by allowing access to your space independent of the device or the application. You are also in control of how you relate to others in your trusted network.

Personal Clouds are easy to use and very secure.

Always personal, private and safe =You +Onexus

Why Onexus Cloud?

Your personal data is as sovereign as you are. Your Onexus Cloud is your digital identity and access to your enduring online relationships.

Onexus Cloud has a pedigree business heritage built on sound foundations of trust, reputation and core values.

Unlike many public cloud providers who are not part of the Respect Network, Onexus Cloud will never index, mine or view your data.

Founded in Australia, personal data privacy and sovereignty is of paramount importance and protected by statute and reflected in our Constitution.

Claim your Personal Cloud

Claim your Onexus Cloud name for only $25USD ($30AUD inc GST).

This is a one-off fee for life as a special offer for the first 1 million members of the Respect Network community.

Include your family and friends in the Onexus Cloud community by giving them a life-long gift of their own Personal Cloud for the same introductory price.

Click now and name your Cloud

Always personal, private and safe


A truly international alternative

We've chosen Australia as the country in which to locate your data using a fail-safe digital facility because of Australia's leading Privacy Laws.

Australia's Federal Privacy Act changed in March 2014 with 13 new Australian Privacy Principles making it a world leader in protecting data privacy where data is stored in Australia. 


Complete Privacy: Your data can only be seen by you and services you authorise

Be assured that only you see your data by choosing an Onexus Cloud.  Some cloud storage providers undermine your privacy by knowing exactly what you’re storing on their server, including what’s in your files. 

We don’t index, mine or view your data.  Only you hold the key to your Onexus Cloud.

Making your digital life more secure, valuable and captivating.

Personal information is the currency for the emerging Me Economy and your most important asset. Meeco provides you with the means to capture, mashup and share your personal data in ways that are secure, portable and financially rewarding.

Become more confident in your daily online activity by using Meeco to reduce your public digital footprint while simultaneously building your own private data profile, turning your private information into a valuable commodity for trade, profit and personal insight. Adopt Meeco as part of your daily routine to enjoy safer online browsing and greater anonymity from businesses who profit most from your personal data.

Sign up for a free Meeco account and have the confidence and reward to be yourself online.

Explore meeco

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Onexus Cloud and Respect Network

Respect Network is a global network with multi-national Partnerships, all committed to this Constitution:

We will respect each others’ digital boundaries
We will negotiate with each other in good faith
We will protect the identity and data entrusted to us
We will respect other Members’ freedom of movement
We will reasonably cooperate for the good of all Members

By choosing a Onexus Cloud you are a founding member of people who are taking control of their personal information.

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